The act of deconstruction relies on breaking down the necessary components of certain matter—often humanitarian uses—and then materialise those qualities into forms through contemporary design. In a different aspect, the designers at renowned Japanese studio Nendo, minimise the process into just re-organising elements of a wristwatch to produce Buckle, a new product designed for their 10:10 (TEN:TEN) collection.

The idea behind 10:10 came from the hands' immaculate angle positions. Using the name, this concept creates encounters of beautifully designed element that can be flexibly exchanged to reimagined a wristwatch. With Buckle, the timepiece and buckle are fused together to create a clever locking mechanism. By removing known parts, such as strapped buckle, the design is reduced down to two physical parts; this allows for easy customisations and convenient adjustments. Hidden behind the timepiece is a beautiful detail that attaches the two aforementioned parts—simple and elegant.

Sometimes, to deconstruct is not to do much. The only acts that need to be done are to understand a certain product and rearrange its composition to produce a simple design.

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