w171 Alma

Tham & Videgård
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Based on the graceful curve of a rotated sine wave, w171 Alma is discreet yet fascinating with its sculptural feel and soft contrasts between light and shadow.

This is the concept behind Swedish design duo Tham & Videgård's versatile and elegantly minimal lamp for lighting brand wästberg. Behind the deceptively simple curves lies real craftsmanship, using artfully spun aluminium to capture the smooth waves. The satin matte finish makes w171 Alma intriguing even in daylight, with its concentric circles of shadow and light. With its slender proportions, the fairly inconspicuous lamp takes up little visual space, making it an ideal lighting solution for areas with low ceilings.

w171 Alma is available as a pendant light, as well as a version that can be installed onto a ceiling or wall. An additional plug-and-play version, with a cord dimmer, can be placed on a wall as a decorative accent.

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