industrial design

TossB’s Disk pendant sits unassuming in its various uses. Suitably named from the source of inspiration it was conceived after, Disk is a large saucer of golden light, gently diffusing throughout your room. Slim in profile and the reinforced coated aluminium of which it is made, this piece is available as a hanging pendant, a wall sconce and a floor lamp. Each available in both a small and large version of itself, the collection is beautifully designed by Jean-François d’Or of Loudordesign.

Belgium-based TossB is the manufacturer, while the design is the child of Loudordesign studio. Launched in 2009, this piece is designed to replicate the way in which sound travels in a similar shape when hit with a gong, and the resulting natural spread of sound is how the light is so evenly distributed. With such a large radius, the spread and diffusion of light from this piece is quite unique. Disk is both diversely able to be applied to a space, and so cleverly composed, it becomes a floating piece of sculpture at the same time.

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