Monolithic Ensemble

Planegg, Germany
Unterlandstättner Architekten

Located in Planegg, a municipality in the district of Munich, lies a monolithic dual residence designed by German architects Unterlandstättner Architekten. Drawing on Bauhaus sensibilities, the spatial constellation is supported by daylight guidance and visual axes, and an ensemble character is strengthened by the specific volume design and homogeneous materiality of the two buildings (infra-lightweight concrete for all outer walls).

The cubature and height development of the ensemble differs only slightly. The house for guests is decreased in volume and is slightly lower in height, whereas priority is given to the main building of the family with a larger structure. Concise cuts and the protruding upper floors allow protected terraces and open areas.

Due to the structural design of the main building, the common family area is focused on the dining area and the protected terrace while protecting them from views from the outside and opening up to its own outdoor area to the south and west.

The insides of the outer walls were also left in exposed concrete, which also keeps the monolithic construction and the room structures tangible in the buildings. The concise spatial structure and differentiation of the materials used by the building continues in interior design. The early inclusion of the planning of built-in furniture and the selection of furnishings was an elementary part of the design process.

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