DM House

Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia, Spain
Mariela Apollonio

Designed by Spanish architecture firm Horma, Casa DM (DM House) is a minimal, modern, and charming dwelling that draws on Bauhaus characteristics through its expressive use of curved volumes, sharp edges, and contrasting colours that balance and enhance each other: a common theme that runs through Norma's architectural portfolio. Located in the coastal town Puerto de Sagunto in Valencia, the family home features a series of fragmented volumes without losing the unity as a whole. The geometric volumes are clad in white lime and gently contrasted with terracotta-coloured ceramic tiles.

The architects write:

Matter, geometry, and space work in harmony and, at the same time, their relationships constantly vary, giving rise to very diverse spaces, designed according to the needs of the inhabitant. Freedom and privacy are understood to achieve the initially established objectives.

The home unfolds across two levels; a ground-floor hosting a spacious and minimalist living area with a muted interior design that opens onto bedrooms, and to the tiled patios. A lower level hosts lounge spaces and small pools making for a very private and secluded area yet maintains a connection to the ground-level terraces.

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