Dolce Tacubo

Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Yuki Tadokoro
Tadokoro Sekkei

Situated in Shibuya’s Daikanyama neighbourhood is a minimalist patisserie with a stunning combination of wood and stone that breaks up the urban landscape with quiet tranquility. In order to make the sweets stand out, the interior of the store is a minimalist space that has been stripped of architectural elements as much as possible. Designed by Japanese architect Yuki Tadokoro, Dolce Tacubo serves some of the most delectable made-to-order desserts. The architect rearranged the pre-existing retail structure so that the small backyard turned into the striking entrance with an approach featuring monolithic stone slabs. The minimal usage of wooden frame and stone creates an elegant space that could easily be an art gallery. This could cause a bit of confusion to some passersby, however, as it might seem almost unclear that it's actually a patisserie. Regardless, this is exquisite architectural design.

In the shop