Instrmnt Model 02


Instrmnt has returned after the release of their initial timepiece model, Model 01, and upped the ante with the second edition, Model 02. Learning and refining from the past and curating the new model, while still maintaining the same levels of quality, craftsmanship and experience, have been key for the Glasgow-based design studio. Instrmnt’s core ethos; to create minimalist, high-quality goods that are accessible to all, is still at the forefront of this offering.

The value of process is also vital to the experience of this piece. The beautiful piece comes delivered, in pieces, deconstructed and waiting for the user to engage from the onset. Studies have shown, particularly the Harvard Ikea Study, that we fascinating humans are more likely to foster a bond and connection to the things that comprise our worlds, if we have a part in their making. Enter Ikea. Whether purposed or not, the process of constructing this piece engages the wearer in a way that other timepieces just don’t. It helps that each piece is so well—James Bond-well—comprised in its encased packaging.

Focused on movement, the collaboration with the Scottish Ballet sees a featured film, produced and directed by Raspberry & Jam, showcasing the movement of humans as a celebration of the movement of time and space, and ultimately how we are all connected. The momentum is so dynamic. We are connected, and Instrmnt with Model 02 have shown in the most beautiful of ways how important process, skill and quality really are. Well done.

Photography courtesy of Instrmnt and video courtesy of Raspberry & Jam.

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