Dome Series

industrial design

Dome is the new unisex collection presented by the great Australian watchmakers AÃRK Collective, where the growth and maturation of the brand can be seen since its inception in 2013.

Based on traditional timepiece construction with a contemporary take on the classic wristwatch, the Dome Series design embraces curvature that is exalted with rounded forms and circular details, where an exploration of refraction and distortion created by the sapphire-coated domed glass lens can be appreciated on purpose.

Available in black, gold and rose — black being a particular favourite of mine — each model has a unique dial design that works alongside a full extended second hand, meanwhile and varying embossed leather textures give them different personalities for each one. I like that.

Each detail of the watch has been realised with maximum care and exceptionally finished with premium materials like Italian calf leather and Japanese movement. The goal of the Dome Series is to represent restrained luxury driven by nostalgic values in a fast-paced digital age.

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