Cone Table Lamp

Kristina Dam Studio
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The Cone Table Lamp, a creation by Kristina Dam Studio, is a minimal and modern marvel that immediately draws the eye. With a brushed aluminium lampshade and a body crafted from solid walnut, it's a beautifully crafted object.

Designed for contemporary and bold interiors, this sculptural lamp is a series that showcases a unique geometric design, tapering smoothly from a circular base to an elegant apex. This series features a variety of styles, from classic floor lamps to imaginative interpretations like the spinning top, all embodying a striking contrast of materials.

The blend of warm walnut and cool aluminium, with matt wood textures, creates a unique ambiance. The quality and craftsmanship are evident from every angle, reflecting the Danish brand's commitment to simple, functional, and graphically pleasing design with meticulous attention to detail.

The Cone Table Lamp is a prime example of this commitment to excellence. The brand's selection of robust materials ensures that this lamp, like all Kristina Dam Studio items, will withstand the test of time, making it a valuable addition to any interior.

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