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Ion Kombokis

We previously featured Swedish audio design studio Nocs and their Monolith speaker, a Red Dot design award winner. Well, the studio is back with a hardware design that features a familiar bold, raw, and monolithic aesthetic but with a few key differences. Notably, its size. Mini steps forward as a natural extension of Nocs' commitment to redefining the speaker experience. Crafted with the same care, Mini captures the essence of the Nocs Studio sound in a smaller format, offering flexibility whether you're using it solo or syncing it with others. Founder Daniel Alm explains:

I found inspiration in the nostalgic charm of older radios while embarking on the design journey of Mini. My goal was to seamlessly weave together the elements of symmetry and asymmetry, a task that posed an exciting challenge. Symmetry is often straightforward, especially in speaker placement, but with Mini, I sought a more dynamic and playful appearance, delving into the realm of asymmetry. The monochromatic aesthetic plays a pivotal role, allowing us to retain a sense of simplicity while infusing Mini with a subtle yet timeless retro essence.

Nocs was faced with several challenges around the ultra-compact frame, one of which was maintaining the bass response. The studio chose a subwoofer module with a passive radiator over the conventional vented design—a choice that defines Mini's distinct character.

The case is thoughtfully fashioned from MDF and finished with a structurally and durable paint, guaranteeing durability while maintaining distinct acoustic properties thanks to internal bracing. The anodised aluminium plate that covers the passive radiator showcases a perforated pixel pattern, giving Mini a timeless look that fusions style and function.

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