Dove House


This project, called Dove House, is a gorgeous home extension designed by the London architectural firm Gundry & Ducker. Before the extension the kitchen was dark and narrow and the home's outdoor space was limited. Gundry & Ducker opened up the space by adding a new roof and large windows, as well as a renovation of the garden. The home now has a gorgeous, monochromatic kitchen and a garden that acts like an extra room.

My favorite part of this project is the way the extension interacts with the existing Victorian house. The black and white color scheme and the modern materials contrast beautifully with the rich tones and materials of the rest of the home. The windows in the extension bring more natural light into the home and the garden space even includes a playhouse for the children! This project proves that two opposite design styles, when skillfully combined, can form a unique and attractive new space.

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