It’s undeniable, menswear is much more formalised than womenswear. Shirts, pants and jackets leave much less flexibility to express oneself than the vast variety of shapes and forms available in the female wardrobe. This is especially true if one aims at a minimalist clothing style: it sometimes gets even more challenging to find the right pieces which not only clothe the man but also offer an opportunity to display an individual approach towards fashion.

However, there are accessories that could be brought into focus much more than they are now. One example: the belt. In previous centuries and long-gone outfits, it used to be much more important. But it’s still here and it can be a distinguishing, long-lasting and expressive feature. Have a look at the range of well crafted, timeless, high quality belts by Dalgado.

Not only is their meticulous style inspired by modern architecture and product design, but all the components are carefully crafted in prestigious tanneries and factories between Southern France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Dalgado is the brainchild of young entrepreneurs René and Jan Jülicher. It’s obvious that they created a product and a brand that they themselves were missing on the market. This results in a collection of beautiful belts nested in a design and branding context which values sustainability, love for details, an unwillingness to compromise on quality and, last but not least, a longing for sensible pricing.

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