Contemporary Porcelain

industrial design

The Contemporary Porcelain collection by Urban Cartel showcases the ordinary in objects, purposefully through its thoughtful execution. Partially-glazed and stripped from ornate-indulgence, these pieces are glazed internally but left in an organic state on the exterior. The pastel colourings paired with the soft muted porcelain, create a sense of transporting the user back in time; to a less complicated time.

Melbourne-based Craig Pearce founded Urban Cartel in 2011. With a background in both Visual Arts and Hospitality Management, Contemporary Porcelain is a perfect fusion of true passion co-mingling. With an emphasis on clean lines and functional design, the resulting form is one that enhances the translucency of the porcelain and celebrates its un-celebrated use. This line of objects is incredibly beautiful.

Produced with the urban dweller in mind, Urban Cartel has considered and ensured their resilience with our millennial lives. They have nailed it. These pieces are a pinhole peek into a future career that is one to watch.

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