Dune Flatware

industrial design

Dune is a fine aluminium flatware set inspired by the concept of food design meant as experimental cuisine and molecular gastronomy. Designed in Hong Kong by Italian designer Andrea Ponti, in this beautiful object, the experimental aspect of food design appears both in the structure of the set and in the materials. The traditional flatware collection has evolved in to a more modern personal flatware set with a contemporary look and feel, Ponti explains.

The aluminium makes this cutlery ultra-light and much sleeker than steel or titanium cutlery, while the anodised finishing makes it extremely durable and easy-to-clean. The name Dune echoes the shape of the flatware: in each piece the straight handle leads to a curvy transition that resembles a sand dune.

I love this minimalist approach of reduction while preserving functionality, allowing us to focus on the real essence of the object. Wonderful design.

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