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Be proud of your bathroom electronics. Let them be a part of your interior design, and take them with you when you travel. What Nespresso, OBH Nordica and KitchenAid has done for the kitchen, we will do for the bathroom.

With this categorical premise, Krister Mossberg, CEO and Founder of electronics startup Bruzzoni, explains how focused their company is on not only developing technically advanced products, but also aesthetic design.

This is how Swedish design and technology meets Italian Luxury in their first product — an astonishing electric toothbrush — called Wall Street Collection, available in black and white versions with metallic details, and a body made from rubber. A single multi-coloured LED provides a discrete on/off switch and to indicate the battery level.

And all of this without neglecting costumer demands in bathroom electronics: fewer wires, portable products, better design, easy to clean and easy to charge.

So yes Bruzzoni, you definitely achieved your goal!

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