D&V Concept Store


D&V Concept Store is a Retail project designed by Swedish architecture team Guise.  The volumetric interior is the result of duplicating every display surface 4 times, clever syncing a multi-level table, floating shelves on a console system and window platforms within this would-be shop. As described by the architects:

The first step in the process was to take an area of 400×400 mm and extrude it and let it grow to 800×800 mm, then to repeat the process until a desired height has been reached. The demand for flexibility was met by introducing a custom made changeable shelf system. A system of L-profiled beams were designed with a perforation running along the beams as a stitch.

It is the sequence of the photography that helps tell an interesting story of the relationship between all these elements of display, especially without any merchandise: solid and void, heavy and light, slender and massive, grounded and floating. I love the fact that such simple, minimal forms can create such a dynamic space.

Information courtesy of Guise. Photography by Brendan Austin.

In the shop