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Alberto Esses is an ex-lead industrial designer from Tesla's Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA. He resigned in order to start Essesi along with his brother Alan Esses who is a mechanical engineer. The duo decided to create a mission statement that would allow them to design anything they felt passionate about without the commitment to a particular area or theme.

Essesi is a growing collection that celebrates each object and its place in its environment. Designed to elevate a moment, stimulate curiosity, and create conversation.

Each product is manufactured in limited quantity and once it runs out, they will never be reproduced. The minimalist and modern collection of products currently includes a lounge chair, water pitcher, pen, candle holders, pestle and mortar, and a mood light. Most products are being manufactured in Mexico; Alberto and Alan's home country. Together, they're working alongside skilled craftsmen as well as using state of the art technology for certain parts.

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