Zarid House


Nestled along the coast of Cádiz, Spain is the stunning Zarid House designed by minimalist favourite, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. This dwelling is characterised by a series of interlocking levels in the form of terraces. The terraces, located throughout the home, change in shape, volume, and story but all blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Interior courtyards, clad in white stone, provide a private outdoor space protected from the elements. In the back of the home, several constructed exterior spaces descend with the topography of the beach, creating a unique walkway down to the sand.

Nearly every surface of Zarid House is clad in pure white, with either large stones or smooth plaster. There are not as many windows as there are a lack of walls: another way the dwelling embraces outdoor living. Receiving daylight in the home is not an issue with so much white and open areas. The living and dining rooms, with sweeping views of the shore, are especially illuminated in the day.

The absence of colour throughout the home is a thoughtful choice which, along with the many overlooking terraces, allows the beach scenery to take centre stage. Few residences manage to provide stand-out design while enhancing the landscape on which they sit. Zarid House is a spectacular example of exemplary architecture that will surely be admired for years to come.

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