CS House


CS House is an elegant Belgium home defined by a palette of black and white. The home has a rather traditional exterior and floorplan, but that did not stop Nicolas Schuybroek Architects from turning the interior into a modern marvel. No detail is overlooked: from the warm grain of the floor to the effortless drop of the pendant lights.

The kitchen features solid white counters atop white cabinetry. The whiteness is accented by the black of the stovetop, appliances, and pendant lights. The black-white contrast continues in the dining room, where the sleek lines of the table and chairs take centre stage. A touch of grey textiles are incorporated into the living room and bedrooms, bringing a softness to these cosier spaces. The bathroom, however, is a study in white: every surface is covered in an immaculate alabaster.

CS House's furnishings are lovely. The furniture is as much a part of the home as the architecture. Their perfect design and placement makes it clear that furnishings were no afterthought: the house was designed around these specific items. This is particularly apparent in the dining room; the table and chairs are so much a part of the space it looks like they've sprung straight out of the floor boards.

CS House does not need colour. The gorgeous space is ready for life, and for all the colour that life brings.

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