Loft Panzerhalle


The city of Salzburg, in Austria, has the honour of being crowned with UNESCO’s World Heritage status. Recognising the significant importance of the city’s architecture, among other achievements, as an important symbol of tradition. A clear conundrum is clearly set for any architect that vies to create an original building. Architecture firm Smartvoll respectfully left the outer façade of its project untouched, only to make waves with forward-thinking antics on the inside.

Loft Panzerhalle offers a bold and expressive vision of minimalism, encompassing well known tropes of the aesthetic such as absolute amplitude and focus on the essential elements. All the while bringing original angles in all rooms, in addition to pushing the envelope on the notion of privacy.

The loft is structured around the main gallery with the height measuring eight metres high. It's a strong statement to leave such magnitude as the main focus. Fractal angles and lines are placed with precision throughout. Leaving the sleeping areas to the margins, blessed with breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape isn’t such a bad trade off. The main room still has the benefit of plenty of sunlight, this guaranteeing shadow play elements as well.

Right in the middle of it all stands a curious geometric volume. The kitchen, made of lava stone, stretches between both terraces of the gallery. It is a multifunctional unit offering eating and social area with ease. The sculptural quality resembles a totem, but with plenty of functional qualities. Last but not least, one of the most left-field and possibly surprising offerings: a transparent shower cabin floating above four metres above the ground. Not for the faint hearted.

It's a hefty ordeal to take care of 375m², especially when every corner offers a fresh or masterful take on traditional modernism. Loft Panzerhalle is a truly well deserved award-winning creation.

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