Stanstead, Quebec, Canada
Matière Première Architecture
Ian Balmorel

Situated within the rolling hills of Quebec's Eastern Townships, the Dyptique project is located in the quaint town of Stanstead and is characterised by a monochromatic aesthetic, presenting a black wood exterior contrasted by its white interiors. The project is positioned on a diminutive plateau, meticulously placed between a narrow stream and a pronounced rocky slope. The nearby stream is adorned with a soft waterfall that meanders downstream, providing a soothing sight and ambient soundtrack for the inhabitants.

Matière Première Architecture focused on leveraging the site's natural aesthetics by designing a streamlined 120 square metre dwelling. This minimalist approach took cues from the surrounding environment. The house's design emphasises its connection with the stream by incorporating strategic window placements and a layout that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living spaces. The minimalist palette accentuates the architectural precision, carving a distinct outline of each structure against the ever-changing landscape.

The architects conceived a design featuring a saltbox roof, bifurcated at its ridge, and bridged by a glass walkway. This division between the two primary sections highlights their distinct purposes. The first segment incorporates a carport and a versatile room equipped with a glass garage door that faces the stream. In contrast, the second, more substantial section houses the primary living areas.

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