Wave Table


BE Design’s Wave Table prototype helps manifest a series of clean imagined lines. Measuring 660mm x 380mm x 450mm, this acrylic beauty is inspired as a magazine rack, a table or however the user decides to best utilise its intriguing shape. In the words of the creators mouths themselves, the smooth shape of this piece of furniture is inspired by the beautiful seaside in the Finnish archipelago. The connection to the Nordic originality is clear, as is the design philosophy of the studio. To create tomorrow's classics with reference to bringing joy beyond the present, and still being able to exist in a near, or distant, future, is important to BE Design. The super sleek Wave Table is the manifestation of such thinking.

The studio is headed by sisters Bette Eklund and Cilla Eklund. The former the designer and the latter, the entrepreneurial business acumen. There’s a harmonious presence in their design approach, in a forward thinking and backward respect that they bring to their work. The emphasis on sustainability, of time, materiality and environment, is becoming a rarer occurrence amongst designers. Inspired by surrounding geometries, architectural forms and with a curious and open mind, this duo is definitely one to watch.

Photography courtesy of Suvi Kesalainen.

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