Earin Wireless Earbuds

industrial design

Small but fierce, the Earin Wireless Earbuds are a force you’re going to want to get in the momentum of. Cleverly engineered, from the mobile capsule charging dock, to the adjustable earpiece selections, these earphones are unassuming in their power. The sound is great, powerful and comparable to other market offerings. The engineering is clear; with incredibly detailed sound with excellent mid and high-tones, and a tight bass response all reproduced with minimal distortion. The size, compact nature of all elements and accessories, make this a minimal must.

Established in 2013, and located in Lund, Sweden, Earin is a dedicated team of audio technicians, engineers and industrial designers, continually exploring the potential of sound and technology. Charged by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, inside a streamlined and sleek brushed aluminium capsule that is charged through a USB outlet, these miniatures provide up to 11 hours of playback time. Measuring 14.4mm wide and 20mm deep, these lightweight buds are a great addition, not only to avoid the cord tangle debacle we all hate, but for streamlined and quality music appreciation. Earin claim to create audio products of extraordinary quality for people who love music, and I cant help but whole-heartedly agree.

Photography courtesy of Earin.

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