Concrete Cabin


Hiking on the Swiss Alps, slowly making your way up, crossing small rivers and dodging persistent trees that get in your way, you finally arrive at a Classic log cabin for a much-deserved rest. Something unusual pulls your attention on the final approach though. Without a doubt, it is all made in concrete, irrefutable grey concrete from top to bottom.

Nickisch Sano Walder Architects were very faithful to their client’s absolute request of preserving, at all costs, the original framework from the cabin. The 40sqm cabin is smartly divided in two floors: on the ground level, there’s a friendly cooking space and living room. The geometric angles work plays off with surprising results with the fur and fireplace. On a converted cellar, remnants from the original structure, the bedroom and bathroom are concealed amongst a beautiful wall of rocks.

An intimate atmosphere springs from a surprising monolith residence. An alluring and beautiful minimalist retreat comes forth, with the help of very well planned windows to control the lighting and hand-picked fabrics to counterbalance the austerity of the concrete.

Concrete proves time after time that it’s an ideal play date for a number of materials, even fur.

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