EMKO Naïve Collection


The Naïve Collection is a beautifully simple furniture collection comprising chairs, stools, and tables. Designed by Lithuanian duo Inesa Malafej and Arūnas Sukarevičius (etc.etc.), and produced by home accessory company EMKO, this series was born as an extension of the first of the Naïve pieces—the Chair.

Naïve chair could be drawn by a child—six sticks and one seat. The chair is stripped to its essence—only seven parts—a carved solid ash seat and six legs of equal length to screw. The length and angles of the legs are set to get the best proportions for looks and comfort. The chair can be flat-packed and it takes only a minute to assemble or disassemble it. Beyond its simplicity is its modularity. Easily interchangeable parts enables the user to alter the chair’s colours from a classical solid wood to a playful mix of colours.

The Naïve Side Table is available in three sizes, each one carved out of a single piece of solid ash. A form in between a square and a circle creates a soft and welcoming appearance and will easily adapt to any type of room. The tables can easily be assembled just by screwing the legs in, and they work well on their own, or with all three together.

Being the youngest member of the Naïve family, the Naïve Low Chair introduces itself with a bright, yet mature and subtle aesthetic. Its main visual characteristic is a large leather strap that holds the backrest attached to the body. A firm connection between wood, leather, and textile serves its function and makes it visually distinctive.

The Naïve Table features a clean and modest form that has a simple but lasting construction—each leg has its own base under the tabletop, making it strong enough to serve generations to come. The roundish tabletop contour is designed to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere for everyone sitting around it. The table is available fully oiled or with a coloured body revealing just the oiled ash tabletop surface.

Naïve Semi Bar Stools stand out with their unique and recognisable character. A carved seat with a minimal backrest makes it comfortable enough for a long chat between friends, while the durable steel footrest suits both home and public use.

The littlest member of the Naïve family is the Stool. A tiny but sturdy item that will find itself useful in many spaces and situations. Assembled out of a carved solid ash seat and three legs to screw in.

The Naïve collection is produced by small and medium enterprises based in Lithuania. The country is the fifth largest IKEA supplier in the world. Due to this, EMKO aim to support local business and continue the tradition of long-lasting craftsmanship.

EMKO are showcased the Naïve Collection at MAISON&OBJET Paris this year.

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