Daishan Primary School


Located on a slope of Nanjing Daisha social housing area, the design of Daishan Primary School is characterised by a large elevation inside the site, making the environment very singular.

In this context, ZHOU Ling Design Studio made the building's form resemble a cube along with the slope, making the building appear lower, which helps create an intimate visual experience for the children and reduces the pressure of volume.

The architects also carefully considered the public space, so an 8-meter-wide north-south corridor runs through the building as an inner street-style pathway within the building.

Inside, the teaching area is in the west and serving space in the east, and due to the highway in the east and north sides, the windows were minimised to create a quiet environment. However, to enhance the lighting, the architects inserted a variety of large and small courtyard between rooms, constituting interactive small communities for teachers and students together.

Not only is this visually striking architectural design, but it's beautifully considered and practical for those who will experience this school on a daily basis.

Photography by HOU Bowen.

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