Naga Chair

Leonardo Zanatta

We were recently introduced to the works of Brazilian architectural designer and Curitiba-based Leonardo Zanatta. A portfolio that spans architecture and furniture design, a recent project that showcases a minimalist sensibility and a compelling form factor, is the Naga Chair.

The Naga Chair is one of the pieces of Estúdio Leonardo Zanatta’s ongoing furniture limited line, entirely based on the concept of a contemporary and sustainable approach to the modern tradition of Brazilian design.

The screw-free chair is made entirely using FSC-certified Brazilian hardwood and recycled steel with non-toxic finishings. The pared-back design is available in an oiled or smoked Teak, with the option of adding upholstery in Eco Leather.

The elegant and subtle design with authentic materiality creates minimal volumes, giving the piece a silent aspect, which can inspire movement with its dynamic forms.

The Shou Sugi Ban finishing was one of the elements brought from Japanese architecture to the piece, which also shows Scandinavian and Iberian influences, giving shape to a design based on eclecticism.

Leonardo is clear and transparent with the environmental impact of making the Naga Chair. Without upholstery, the design emits 14kg of carbon per piece throughout the production chain, which is equivalent to 84 hours of Netflix streaming, or 1.4-year absorption of a tree located in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. However, this gets neutralised by the very process of reforestation in the production of the wood.

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