Empty Memory

industrial design

Logical Art, a London based design studio had the idea of making technology disappear in the form of these Empty Memory flash drives. The absence of a portion of the drive alludes to what might hold the ‘memories’ is replaced with 2 minimal elements of emptiness: Transparency, which is a clear plexi attached to a stainless brushed or mirror finish and Structure, an asymmetrical hollow frame in a stainless steel finish. As one of the designers Yoo Kyung Shin describes:

What is the physical boundary of an electronic device? While function was detached from its form, the outline it needs to be or it supposed to be can be different. As flash drives was made extremely small, the Empty Memory was given a hollow space, implying the invisible technology.

Holding up to 4GB of digital storage with a 2.0 USB speed, I admire how these poetic creations stand out in their beautiful finishes and solid, elegant forms while reminding me how little hardware is actually required to hold that much memory.

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