Light Light Desk


Torafu ArchitectsLight Light Desk is a compact and functionally minimal solution to reduced space living. The seamless transition between overhead lighting element and folding table surface is quite ingenious. Made from a light aluminium framework, with an integrated LED light panel, this piece sees a flat-packed table, fold out into functional a table, with integrated lighting that allows for ease of storage and transportation. Pushing the envelope of the expected, this piece works to bring value to an otherwise cumbersome and bulking furniture piece.

Headed by Koichi Suzung and Shinya Kamuro and based in Tokyo, Japan, Light Light Desk was designed out of collaboration with Swiss manufacturing company WOGG. The combining of forces was instigated by Pierre Keller of Swiss design school ECAL and Patrick Reymond, cofounder of Atelier Oï, but asking the two to spend five days at each others workshops. The resulting product showcases a beautiful celebration of Japanese design and Swiss engineering. Undeniably a quite perfect match.

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