industrial design

These days when all of us are focused on our work, it's not a surprise that time tracking becomes an increasingly bigger issue. Tiller is a minimal device designed by Melbourne-based digital product agency JOAN, and has been created for efficiently tracking your time—a difficult task for most professionals. It needs to be practiced and developed as a habit which requires a lot of attention and focus. By leaving time sheets to the end of the week, you’re just guessing and thinking if everything is done and most importantly—if everything is done on time. Most of us miss out on up to 25% of our billable time which could have been tracked.

Tiller works pretty simply; the hardware and software work seamlessly together which gives the opportunity avoid making the environment that you work too messy and disorganised. With just a simple touch, it is possible to immediately see the projects and tasks that we work on. The interface only pops up when you need it—really unobtrusive. It doesn’t get lost between windows or hidden in tabs, and it never interrupts the work.

I adore the simple design, which is perfect for all those who adore minimalism. It is very comfortable to use it in the work setup, and a great piece that has a concept which becomes a proper solution for all of us who work and it's a pleasant and efficient way to track our precious time.

Tiller is currently available on Kickstarter, so get on it.

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