ENEBY Speaker

industrial design

We all know IKEA, with many of us owning one or two pieces of their furniture. For good reason—they design affordable furniture and homeware accessories well. In recent years, IKEA has been working its way through the technology space. Their latest offering is the ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker. The design is unsurprisingly simple, and it does feature some minimalist characteristics, particularly through its square form with a single control dial.

Expectedly, with a budget speaker system, you will likely experience some compromises when it comes to audio quality—and there are. When playing over Bluetooth the audio won’t exactly do music production justice, but it’s also not terrible either. Audio quality aside, the ENEBY Speaker has other little features that are well considered. For instance, there’s a handle for portability (battery powered) and it is easily mountable to walls. The speaker is modular which is strongly representative of IKEA’s philosophy.

Given this is IKEA’s first venture into speaker design, it’s fairly impressive, and given the speculation that they will be collaborating with other renowned audio companies for future speakers, it will be interesting to watch this space.

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