Kümülatif Homeware Collection

industrial design

Kümülatif, a Turkish word for cumulative, is an Istanbul-based collective that aims to achieve wholesome designs from different expertise in many fields, including social science and manufacturing.

With a focus to deliver products with social equality, the collective will have themed workshops every six months around Turkey, where the profits are distributed equally. Their first workshop resulted in a minimalist homeware collection that challenges the normative perception of us towards everyday items, such as bowls, mirrors, and photo frames. By simplifying materials down to copper and aluminium, the designers were able to deconstruct shapes and uses of their products. The bowls are interlocked pieces of metal that become their own entity with contrasting colours. Mirrors become lone-standing objects that are reflective, giving rise to the purity of materials. Photo frames are rethought as single cylinder bars with narrow slots for placements. By having ambiguous and irregular forms, the vagueness encourages human interaction in order to expand the functions of these items.

I am especially fascinated when these objects are put together; they immediately become a collection of sculptural objects that share similarities in aesthetics, solidifying the word collective.

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