There is a vivid building in Barcelona that captivates its audience with both design and function. Flatness is a conceptual public arts centre that seeks to provide a canvas for all types of modern art. Designed by architecture practice SPRW Architects, in collaboration with A.Zvolianskiy, Flatness serves as the backdrop for art exhibitions, fashion shows, and performances. There is even a designated area for skateboarding—a dream come true for skaters used to being banned from public buildings. According to the architects, the building was designed to develop the creative potential of modern art in all possible manifestations. 

Visitors to Flatness are surely drawn in by the most dramatic feature of the structure: the brilliant colour. A rich, deep shade of rust red, the colour calls to mind warmth, sunsets, bricks, and sand. The colour is a summary of the city, representative of both the natural and manmade landscapes we find there. Flatness is dominated by its colour, which captivates not only in its richness but in its sheer volume: it covers the entirety of the built environment: from the walls to the floors, stairs, and walking paths.

The project is plentiful in exterior space, which is designed for movement and freedom of activity. The interior features an art gallery and exhibition hall. Especially gorgeous is the way the various forms interact with each other—the creative stacking and scattering of buildings is reminiscent of the playfulness of childhood building blocks.

At Flatness, there are so many spaces where creatives and inspiring creatives can wander, work, see, and be seen. Flatness is a perfect example of a contemporary arts centre, one where creative freedom to create is valued above all else, and all are welcome.

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