The Silo

Lead Architect
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

A former grain warehouse in Copenhagen, The Silo is a converted apartment block and public space by COBE Architects. The project is part of an urban revitalisation, engaging the Nordhavn waterfront district of the city. The Silo also sees Danish studio Norm Architects take on the interior design, led by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Both the top and lower levels have public access, to ensure a multi-dimensional experience for the various users of the building. The Silo is inhabited, but also a destination. An urban focal point for the new development at Nordhavn.

The Silo interior is characterised by a dark yet calming aesthetic, comprised of high-quality wood and soft muted fabrics, offering its inhabitants contrasting tactile sensations. It’s the juxtaposition of materials that make this project so interesting, at least from a minimalism perspective. Of course, this dark and muted aesthetic is a controversial decision given the lack of natural sunlight in Copenhagen—especially over the autumn and winter months, but then again, not everybody considers minimalism as only a crisp white box—and neither do we.

From the choice of materials, the curation of upholstered furniture, and the muted tones, Silo is an example of a beautifully coherent space that encourages the celebration of its design details.

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