Nendo has created a new minimalist stool, named Float, for Moroso with a stunning visual effect: the gentle curved seating appears to float in the air as two of the four legs have been cut off.

A really nice twist for an otherwise simple stool stat consists of four steel, powder coated pipe legs and a rectangular plywood seating. That is what I really like about the designs by Nendo; they always try to give people a small "!" moment.

Nendo's aim was to create a varied, comfortable, seating experience. By utilising the structure of the cantilever, that only supports the back legs, a cushioned feel has been given, he explains.

Float is available as a high stool or as a shorter foot stool. I imagine the high Float stool perfect for a kitchen bar. The shorter Float stool can be a handy side chair in your living room. Maybe you even transform this shorter stool into a side table when not in use as a stool.

Photography by Akihiro Yoshida.

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