Mishmash Pen Case

industrial design

Everything counts, even the smallest details. And this applies to our workdays as well—specifically our workplace. Every piece of furniture is going to play an important part in boosting your productivity, but so too our office stationery, which are the tools that help us perform tasks productively. They are often easy to use, functional, and portable.

This pen case was created by Portuguese designer Joana Moreira in partnership with mishmash, a minimalist office supplies brand. As the designer explains, the main goal was to design a minimalist pen case for those who want to carry their pens for writing, or to create a quick sketch during a break.

To design this product I was collaborating closely with Beatriz Barros, CEO of the brand, constantly discussing how a pen case would fit into the range of products and also the needs of having a product like this for the person who will carry it.
The minimalist triangular pen case was made out of leather and was created for those who like to keep their most used pens with them at all times. It is easy to carry anywhere. Easy to open and close, and it prevents you from trying to force-fit everything inside making it easy to store and organise.

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