Flow Lamp

industrial design

Andreas Kowalewski’s Flow Lamp, manufactured by Normann Copenhagen, is a veritable nod to considered design. The original idea for the lamp arose out of a series of drawings, exploring the possibilities of a multi-directional table lamp that can be delivered flat-packed. The result is one of considered compartmentalisation and ease of design, to be easily brought to the masses. Made from painted aluminium and available in black, white and a dark green finish, the Flow Lamp was launched at Maison & Objet Paris 2016.

Inspiration is taken from nature, in the form of how a tree and its branches, the parts of the disassembled parts of the Table Lamp all organically grow seamlessly into one another. Through purposefully simplifying the constructibility of the lamp, there is a lightness to the end result. Functionality has also been considered, with the inclusion of a copper light switch that allows for multiple light settings, is incorporated enigmatically. Kowalewski is based out of Amsterdam, and born in Berlin. His work pivots primarily on an ambition to create new alternatives which add value and inspire the imagination of people, and in this case, the execution is obvious.

Photography courtesy of Andreas Kowalewski.

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