Hidden House


On a quiet street in London sits a little home which is likely to go unnoticed by passerby. Aptly called "Hidden House", this home has almost no relationship to the street on which it is placed. Designed by Teatum + Teatum, Hidden House utilizes leftover spaces in the city. Placed between two existing homes, this house turns its back to the city and focuses on its warm and intimate interior. The two-story home is centered around an internal lightwell. All of the living spaces and bedrooms are organized around this lightwell, which allows each space a plethora of natural sunlight.

I am in love with this home! It is the perfect solution to the problem of privacy in a big city. The lightwells allow for a beautifully illuminated interior, while still emphasizing the home's internal focus. The entrance doors are another example of Teatum + Teatum's elegant solutions for privacy: they let in (or out)  a soothing, patterned glow while obscuring watchful eyes in or out. Hidden House is truly a stunning piece of architecture, and a cozy home as well.

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