Picture Flower Vase

Shinya Oguchi

A way to capture and showcase the beauty of a flower as if it were framed like a picture. This is the concept behind Japanese product designer Shinya Oguchi’s latest offering. People are drawn to flowers because flowers are synonymous with beauty. They are delicate, elegant, and dynamic—albeit short-lived. They communicate freshness and vitality without noise. We arguably showcase them in our homes not for decoration, but for how they make us feel in an enclosed space.

Shinya Oguchi’s Picture is a minimalist and softly formed flower vase comprising three steel elements that form the base and backdrop of the vase. The bent steel plate backdrop measures just 0.88mm in thickness and creates a beautiful blank canvas for any flower stands against it. A smaller rounded steel cover sits at the front of the vase to hide the glass bottle and the base of the stem. To ensure stability, the base features a heavier steel plate measuring 2.3mm in thickness.

This is the third version of the Picture vase design after thorough testing of stabilisation and manufacturing processes saw previous iterations of the design fail. Finally, Shinya has produced a wonderful and understated accessory that will undoubtedly improve the ambience many homes.

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