Analog Task Light

Chris Granneberg
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California-based industrial designer Chris Granneberg imagined a happy task light to help him focus throughout the day. Inspired by his daughter's Lego and the soft, geometric shapes he's returned to again and again, Chris began stacking 10cm cubes to form three friendly lights, produced by Gantri.

From the obvious pop of colour to the toy-like form, Analog is the embodiment of Chris's mission to bring joyful design to any space. Analog Task Light, the leader of the pack, is an unlikely task light that becomes the focal point of any desk—no matter how messy, the Analog Floor Light is the perfect edition to a studio space or aside a sofa or reading chair and the Analog Wall Light can sit above a workspace or nightstand. Chris describes joy as an intangible feeling and this collection delivers just that.

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