graphic design

Achtsamkeit is a book created by Düsseldorf-based graphic designer Angelika Schneider for her Bachelor's degree to give an introduction to the topic of mindfulness—specifically what it is, what it means and where it comes from. This book embodies the mindfulness lifestyle as a reading style by integrating special aspects visualised with the help of design. Angelika explains to us:

Awareness through the blindness of the title, sustainability through recycled paper, openness through the binding and simplicity of typography are the main characteristics of this outstanding book, where each design feature has its reason and meaning.

The headlines are spread to help experience the moment of reading consciously, some breaks are integrated for a better self-reflection and the generous white space features more peace. With the help of transparent pages the reader is invited to interact and experience mindfulness instead of just read about it. The glossary is placed over the text to read the unknown word in advance or in parallel  without being interrupted.

All these characteristics, elements and details are so well considered and put into practice in the final book, which makes this project absolutely sublime with an exemplary approach to book design.

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