graphic design

It's not often that we showcase and celebrate perfume houses on Minimalissimo. Particularly because so few are daring enough to take risks and embrace minimalism through their approach to branding and packaging design.

A.N. OTHER was founded on a simple premise—to make luxury, high-end fine fragrances affordable and accessible to all. To create something truly special they had to break every rule in the book, starting with providing its perfumers with unlimited budget and unrestricted creative freedom.

What peaked our interest in A.N. OTHER was undoubtedly its packaging design. Conceived by London-based agency SocioDesign, it starts with a clean and suitably simple logo, and extends to the labelling on the fragrance bottles—a fluid continuity that results in an effortless design. The grey boxing is understated and without any ornamentation whatsoever—featuring the brand name only.

A.N. OTHER keeps it simple beyond the aesthetics with just four scent categories. Four iconic perfumers. Four limited-edition fragrances created without limits. The results are a masterpiece for each scent category: Floral, Woody, Fresh and Oriental. Their COLLECTION/18 fragrances are comparable in quality and craftsmanship to premium brands at a fraction of the cost, and I can tell you first hand that this collection is of remarkable quality.

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