Gang of Collection by Proudrace


Gang of is the new, Spring/Summer 2012 collection of the Manila based label Proudrace. Pat Bondoc and Rik Rasos – and industrial designer and a T-shirt designer – the people behind the label, started their fashion journey creating a small T-shirt brand which was gradually developed into a full-fledged label with national and international recognition.

This collection, just like the majority of Proudrace’s clothing, is inspired by the 90’s and according to them

it’s a gang of nomadic skaters and their trophy girlfriends.

But it is more than this; it is a game of textures and materials within the simplicity of an achromatic palette, a curiosity with the uniform dressing of various religious groups and a nostalgic look to their teenage youth. Maybe more; but what they also say about their clothing is that,

it's all about the use of different materials, textures, details and silhouettes to come out with pieces that are unique and subscribes to no particular trend. Proudrace creates hand made minimal pieces and re interprets traditional garments into their own aesthetic.

Photography: Everything We Shoot

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