Godot Collection


Copenhagen-based design duo Iskos-Berlin created a sofa on behalf of Scandinavian interior company Menu on a very clear approach: the interior of the sofa belongs to the occupant and the exterior belongs to the room. What does that mean? First and foremost, it means that Alexej Iskos and Boris Berlin managed to come up with a design that actually provides an inside and an outside to anyone sitting on the sofa. Which is already genius, because it means that the occupants feel protected and in a safe space while sitting down or stretching out.

Furthermore, it means that Iskos and Berlin took great care to separate aspects inherent to any sofa or chair. On the one hand it is an integral component of coherent interior design. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be reflected in the functionality. Even if we want our living room to look minimalist and clean, we might still want our sofa to feel comfortable or downright cosy. Iskos-Berlin show that this aesthetic and functional balancing act is manageable. While the outline of each piece of the Godot collection is pretty rigid and geometrically straight, the inner soft shapes and the high-end upholstery are invitingly soft. And still, we wish any occupant that the name taken from a classic theatre play does not refer to a long time of waiting for someone on the sofa, but more to moments spent in your living room that are as entertaining as watching a good play.

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