Cloudy House

Oita Prefecture, Japan
Takao Shiotsuka Atelier
Noriyuki Yano

A house built in a suburb of Oita City, in an area where residential land and fields are mixed. Japanese architects Takao Shiotsuka Atelier wanted to create an open space like the fields scattered around. The driveway that runs through the site, the windswept porch that crosses the building, and the boundary without a fence create a physically open state. In addition, the gable roof, the terrace carved into the roof, and the smooth texture that covers the exterior, all contribute to the character of this house.

By suppressing the private elements of a house, the architects tried to create an open state in terms of design. In contrast to the exterior, each room is filled with light, and each room is intricately interlocked by the porch and the gable-shaped cross-section. This diversity in the room also creates an open state in the sense that there are many options for experience. Open spaces are most visible when the colours and textures of the building's exterior make it seem like it's about to disappear into a cloudy sky.

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