Goli & Bosi Split Design Hostel


For the frequent hostel client, it must be extremely exciting to see an accommodation that looks as clean and contemporary as the Goli & Bosi Split Design Hostel located in Split, Croatia. Designed by Studio Up, an old department store has had its facade restored, all forms of egress including the old escalators retained and turned it into a popular 29-room hostel with dormitories shared up to 8 beds as well as private penthouse suites. Its minimalist interiors are consistent throughout its rooms, the public areas and their De Belly Restaurant.

The interiors are divided up by skewed walls partitions that are designed along the perimeter of its odd shaped site. Some rooms utilize double height spaces for beds and while I find the infographics within the interiors give a nice modern identity to this minimalistic architecture, my favorite design intention of this project is the significance of the yellow being the color of sulphur since sulphur baths were ubiquitous in the old days of Split. This link of history to the current in its many elements make this hostel be more interesting to the city.

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