Abyss Lights

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Abyss is a minimalist floor and table lamp, designed by Italian studio FROM LIGHTING, whose beauty first appears as a balanced composition of geometric shapes. Entirely made in Italy a second glance reveals a passion for careful manufacturing in every detail. LEDs of the highest quality are incorporated to reach the most natural lighting effect. The Abyss floor lamp features a bold dimmer knob and a practical USB charging output in its base.

FROM LIGHTING is a young independent brand based in Padova developing high quality lamps carefully made in Italy. They explain:

We are surrounded by a diverse industrial landscape where good design is tradition. The word FROM speaks also about all the people involved to produce and sell each lamp. We create conversations, share values and establish close relationships with a dense network of people. In search of the iconic, we are driven by the challenge to create what is fresh and long-lasting.

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