graphic design

Based in London since 2012, Grooveschool is giving a helping hand to society by running DJ and music production workshops for disadvantaged young people. Through the music values—as technology, creativity, and invention—its main goal is to advance the education of these people.

Grooveschool was recently awarded the status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, so with this motivation, they approached Mark Studio to redesign its brand, looking for something simple and iconic that would reflect all its values. The studio explains the concept behind its work:

We based the brand concept and positioning around the theme of ‘play’, developing a disarmingly simple and flexible typographic interpretation of a Mixer Volume Fader to forge a literal association with the group’s ‘dynamic and playful’ approach to learning.
With a simple game of up and down letters, the studio has perfectly reflected the sound and frequency of the music, and managed to create a distinctive and playful brand design where the position of the letters are changing, whilst always keeping the identity recognisable.

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