House in Alcobaça


This stunning build is the result of a renovation project of an existing, traditional home in Alcobaça, Portugal. Designed by minimalist favourite Aires Mateus, this dwelling looks forward with a modern edition, while at the same time respecting the original home that came before.

One of the main features of this dwelling is the white wall that encircles the lot. The wall was intended to provide privacy and create a garden shielded from street traffic. A wall of windows, facing the garden, brings light in to every floor, while decorative frames give a nod to the form of the old structure.

On the interior, crisp white walls meld with marble floors, artfully illuminated by the natural light from the aforementioned windows. In one instance, a teardrop shaped window casts the most elegant shadow on the wall. One of my favourite features of House in Alcobaça is the stairwell: the sculptural form is mirrored directly above, creating the illusion of a puzzle-like opening that guides to the upper stories.

Photography by Fernando Guerra FG+SG.

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