Aromax Scent Diffuser


Home is the most important place as it carries our identity and encloses our safe space. It is necessary for us to create an ambience within that stimulates our senses while reserving our intimate touches.

Aromax—a minimalist designed diffuser inspired by memories of the home and individual experiences—is a unique addition to a spatial interior by Air Aroma. With a conic shape made of anodised aluminium in 5 vibrant colours and the new champagne gold, Aromax is aesthetically luxurious and functionally sophisticated. The design integrates new technology for quieter dispersion of fragrance particles and wider range of strength adjustments including options for timed scenting.

Complementing the beautiful Aromax is a collection of ten hand-curated scents to be sold separately. Along with classics like Fig Essence, Lemongrass Tea, Sencha, Zuri and Serene, the new Cedar Mood, Vetiver Rain, Longboard, Illuminate and Amber Grand give characters to a space depending on personal preferences. Made from the highest quality ingredients and raw materials with no harmful chemicals, these essential oils come in elegant 30ml glass vials—easy for both storing and refilling.

The Aromax scent diffuser, refined and minimally packaged, retails at $369 with accompanying fragrances at $79 each. For a well-rounded and fulfilling experience at home. Shop the collection.

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